Skin and Bones Preview

by Joseph Scala

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for preview only - full release coming soon!


released August 25, 2011

words and music by Joseph Scala
recorded and mixed at Wreck-All Records




Katie Bowers Band Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: What Went Wrong
Every evening theres a railroad and it cries out for the lonely on the oth-er side
Like a churchbell in the morning and the faithful come to see the cars go pas-sing by
And I wonder what went wrong
I was sure I’d found the
Place where I belong
I wonder what went wrong

On the infinite horizon with a spyglass and compass and an aching heart
In the glory of the moonlight and the sadness of the sunrise I will play my part
As the castaway in rags
I will hold my freezing
Tongue with both my hands
And wonder what went wrong

With a lantern and shovel I am off to find the witness of my noble past
And if I return I’ll sing out to the faithful like a churchbell or I won’t come back
For the desert has its friends
And I’ll be there waiting
til my story ends
I’ll wonder what went wrong
Track Name: Joseph Scala - Love is Everything
You can be the rock and I'll be the roll
You can be the heart and I'll be the soul
Whatever life brings
Love is everything

You can pick the house and I'll paint the door
We won't ask for much and we'll never need more than
Whatever life brings
Love is everything

Hold me in your arms as the sun goes down
Take me as I come 'cause I can't say how
I'm changing, but I can't say how

Come and pick me up when I'm tired of walking
I'll do the driving you do the talking
The radio sings
Love is everything
Track Name: Skin and Bones
I put my feet in my socks
I put my socks in my shoes
I put my shoes on the solid ground
I get my head on straight and then I get up and walk around

These brittle bones and this filthy skin
It's just a haunted house that I'm living in
And one of these days I'm gonna leave it all behind

Skin and bones, skin and bones
Four flimsy limbs on loan
I'm a ghost inside this skin, skin and bones

Well I pay my dues to the TV man
I pay my phone bill and my rent
I pay my tolls on the freeway and give the rest to the government

This money's like a no-good girl
You love her but she lets you down
But they don't take cash and they don't take credit
None of that's accepted where I'm bound

Skin and bones, skin and bones
Four flimsy limbs on loan
I'm a ghost inside this skin, skin and bones

Skin and bones, skin and bones
I'm a soul on my way home
I'm a ghost inside this skin, skin and bones

Maybe there's a lord above
And there may be a hell below
And there might be someplace in-between but for now I just don't know

There's just one thing I would ask my lord when they lay me down in the soil
Won't you let me roam this earth awhile
Once I shed this mortal coil

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